Add Your Name: Keep Trump’s Finger Off the Nuclear Red Button

To: Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker

Rescind your endorsement of Donald Trump. He is unfit to be president and cannot be allowed access to the United States' nuclear arsenal.

The president has total authority to launch thousands of nuclear weapons at any moment. If Donald Trump gets his hands on the nuclear Red Button, no one could stop him from lighting the world on fire. We can’t let a volatile demagogue command our nuclear arsenal.

The prospect of a nuclear-armed Trump is too real. So we are calling on Republican leaders in Congress to do everything they can to keep Trump’s finger far away from the Red Button. This includes rescinding endorsements of Donald Trump for president.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric about nuclear weapons is scary. He thinks more countries should have them. He won’t rule out dropping them on Europe. And just last month, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough reported that Trump asked three times in a one-hour policy briefing, “If we’ve got [nukes], why can’t we use them?”

Leaders from both parties, including 50 GOP national security officials, warn that Trump isn’t fit to command our nuclear arsenal and would put the nation at risk. This view is shared by a huge majority of Americans: only 27% trust him with nuclear weapons.

The prospect of Trump commanding our nukes is terrifying. Further, Trump exposes just how our nuclear command system is built for first-strike and quick-launch at the president’s sole discretion. There are no checks and balances. Nothing to prevent a President Trump from launching a civilization-ending nuclear attack based on misinformation or poor judgment. No need even for a president to explain.

We know the first step to keeping our world safe from nuclear disaster is halting Trump in his tracks, before it’s too late.

It is a dereliction of public service for Republican leaders to condone a nuclear demagogue for President of the United States. The right thing to do is to disavow Trump, and do it now.

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