Sign to Tell President Obama: Stop Auctioning off Public Waters and Lands!

Despite historic flooding in Louisiana in August (described as the worst U.S. climate disaster since Superstorm Sandy), the Obama administration continued with business as usual. As Gulf communities reeled from this devastating flooding, the administration auctioned off an area the size of Virginia for offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is unconscionable.

Climate change has fueled and intensified the unprecedented flooding in not only Louisiana, but all across the Gulf. But the Obama administration is still not listening to warnings. Something needs to be done.

Tell President Obama: Keep the fossil fuels from our public lands and waters in the ground.

So far, more than 60,000 homes have been damaged by the flooding in Louisiana, at least 13 people were killed, and the damage and destruction to Gulf communities is ongoing. Yet the Obama administration continues to help the fossil fuel industry do more of what’s causing climate change in the first place -- by auctioning off our public lands and waters for fossil fuel development.

And next month is no different. On September 20, another lease sale, this time to be held online, is scheduled to auction off more of our public lands and waters, creating more climate injustice for the front-line communities that have been resisting the fossil fuel industry for years. This needs to stop now.

Tell President Obama: “Stop auctioning off our public lands and waters for corporate profit!”

This past year, people across the country have taken actions to oppose each auction of public lands and waters to the oil and gas industry, and people will continue to do so until all oil and gas lease sales are stopped.

By holding this next auction online, Obama is trying to silence our voices and make it easier for oil and gas corporations to take public resources for their profit.

Gulf South communities have been fighting back against fossil fuel greed for decades. Sign the petition now to tell President Obama it’s time he stood with these communities in climate crisis.

To President Obama:

Protect our communities and our climate. It’s past time you cancel all oil and gas lease sales on public lands and waters. You can start by canceling the next lease sale, which will be held online on September 20.
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