Pres. Obama, stop Pfizer and other corporations from dodging billions in taxes

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We urge you to instruct the Treasury Department to update its 2014 Notice or issue a new Notice to prevent Pfizer and other corporate tax dodgers from shirking their responsibility to pay the taxes they owe on their current untaxed offshore profits. Pfizer alone owes an estimated $35 billion on its stash of untaxed offshore profits. That huge sum could be used to pay for investments in education, infrastructure, public safety, renewable energy, medical research, and much more. Mr. President, please stand up for the American people – not corporate tax dodgers!

Pfizer, a notorious price gouger, hopes to dodge paying an estimated $35 billion in taxes by merging with a foreign firm.1

Pfizer’s shareholders are expected to approve this merger by the middle of this year. That means we have a few months to block the enormous tax break Pfizer is after.

Pfizer will still remain based in New York and continue to benefit from all that America offers – legal protections for its lucrative drug patents, $1 billion a year in government purchases from Medicare and Medicaid, and much more. Pfizer will simply stop paying its fair share of U.S. taxes.

President Obama has the power to stop corporate deserters like Pfizer. He can direct his Treasury Department to close the loophole that Pfizer and an increasing number of multinational corporations are using to change their legal address to a tax haven and dodge paying the taxes they owe.

Please sign the petition to President Obama and the U.S. Treasury Department demanding action now. Your signature will be sent directly to the White House. If we reach 100,000 confirmed petition signatures, the White House will respond with a public statement.

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[1] Americans for Tax Fairness Report, Feb. 2016